REVISED December 11th, 2013


Dissolution Statement

In the event the club is no longer functional; all remaining assets would be auctioned off or sold.  The Monies received from the sale of all assets will be placed in a trust controlled by a board.  The funds should be distributed by request and board approval for activities that promote hunting, fishing, shooting sports, archery sports, youth education in these sports, and environmental issues, until all funds are depleted.




Sec. 1              This Club shall be known as HILLSIDE ROD & GUN CLUB of

Blossburg, Pennsylvania.



Sec. 1              The Hillside Rod & Gun Club is situated ½ mile South of Blossburg Boro

on the Morris Run Road.



Sec. 1              The objective of the Club shall be to promote and foster good public

sentiment for better fish, game and forest management; to encourage

sportsmen’s activities, especially hunting and fishing through all social

and physical means, and engage in any lawful act related to the foregoing.

Sec. 2              The Hillside Rod and Gun Club shall abide by all local, state, and federal

laws and regulations.



Sec. 1              This Club will meet at 7:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month.

Sec. 2              Fifteen members will constitute a Quorum. A simple majority vote will   carry any motion voted upon, except a bylaw change or sale of realty.

Sec. 3              The Club Manager is expected to attend all Executive Board Meetings. In

the event that the Club Manager can not attend an executive meeting, he

will provide a written report to any Executive Board Member prior to that

Executive meeting.




Sec. 1              The Club’s fiscal year shall run from January 1st through December 31ST.

Sec. 2              Last day to pay membership dues shall be paid no later than January 31st, of the new year.  Those failing to pay by this date must re-apply with initiation fees.  A late fee to be assessed to any member paying dues after

December 31st of the preceding year, as determined by club policies.



Sec. 1              Officers of this Club shall consist of a President, Vice-President,

Corresponding Secretary, Financial Secretary, and five (5) additional

members to form a nine (9) man Executive Committee.

Sec. 2              Four of the nine officers must reside within a ten (10) mile radius of the Club. The remaining five officers must reside within a thirty (30) mile radius of the Club.

Sec. 3              New Officers shall be nominated annually in September, elected in

October, and assume office in January. Any Officer can be re-elected. All

nominees must have attended not less than 25% of the monthly meetings

preceding the September meeting to be eligible for office. All nominees

for office must be present or must submit a letter of intent to the Executive

Board at the September meeting so that their nomination can be accepted

or declined.

Sec. 3A           In October of each year Officers shall be elected. The process of elections

will adhere to the following:

1)   Elections will be by written ballot.

2)   Elections will occur immediately after the meeting has been called

to order.

3)   Immediately after all voting members have cast their ballots, the

auditors, and only the auditors, shall be sequestered in an area

away from the general meeting area for the purpose of tallying the


4)   In the event that one or more of the auditors are not present at this

meeting, the Executive Board shall appoint replacement auditor(s)

for the purpose of tallying the votes.

5)   Upon completion of the vote tally, and prior to adjournment of the

meeting, the auditors will present the results to the President. If

the President is not present at the meeting the results will be

delivered to the Vice President.

6)   At the conclusion of the meeting, but prior to adjournment, the

President or Vice President will read each nominee’s vote tally

along with the winner of each office.

7)   Any tie for any office will result in an immediate recount of the

votes for all offices. In the event the same tie exists, a re-vote for

that office will be taken.

8)   If the recount shows any discrepancy from the original count a

second recount will be taken.

9)   Immediately after the General Membership Meeting has been

adjourned, all ballots shall be safely secured in the office of the


10) Any request for a vote recount must have a second and carried by

the majority of the voting members.

Sec. 4              Any Officer failing to attend three (3) consecutive monthly meetings of

the Club will forfeit his office. His replacement will be appointed by the

Executive Committee.

Sec. 5              Any member holding a position within the Club who willingly resigns

(excluding resignation for health and/or occupational reasons), will not be

eligible to hold a position within the Club for a period of five (5) years

following the resignation.

Sec. 6              It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Club.

By virtue of his office he shall be a member of all committees.

Sec.6a                         The Executive Committee shall appoint at least one Executive Committee

Member, excluding the president, to be an active member of each


Sec. 7              It shall be the duty of the Vice-President, in the absence of the

President, to assume his duties and be vested with equal authority to act.

Sec. 8              It shall be the duty of the Corresponding Secretary to record and report all

club meetings, conduct all correspondence of the Club, and maintain the

Club’s membership roster. The minutes of the meetings and membership

roster remain Club property and shall be promptly turned over to any new

Corresponding Secretary before he assumes office.

Sec. 9              It shall be the duty of the Financial Secretary to receive all Club monies;

pay legitimate bills presented, and make an accounting of same in a report

to be given at each monthly Club meeting.

Sec 9a                         The President, Financial Secretary, and Club Manager have the power to

sign any official documents required for loans or other purposes that have

been previously approved by the membership in accordance with the by


Sec. 10            The Club Manager will be appointed by the Executive Committee each

year. The Club Manager will be responsible for the operation of the Club and will report to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will designate the duties of the Club Manager.

Sec. 10a          The Executive Committee shall meet on the Monday preceding each

regular meeting of the Club. If necessary, it will meet in emergency

session as called for by the President. Five (5) members constitute a


Sec. 10b          A primary duty of the Executive Committee will be to screen all matters

before they may be brought before the Club membership. Therefore, if a

member has business to be brought before the Club, it must first be brought to the attention of a committee member, in writing, at least one

week prior to the regular meeting of the Club. Should any emergency situation requiring immediate action of the Club, it must be described in

writing, placed in a sealed envelope, and given to any Executive

Committee member immediately prior to the emergency session.

Sec. 10c          A written agenda will be given to all members attending, prior to each

Club meeting. Its contents will be adhered to.

Sec. 11            No matter may be voted on during a regular monthly meeting without

following this procedure.

Sec. 11a          Any matter pertaining to Club discipline or bylaws change shall be

referred to the Executive Committee for its recommendations.

Sec. 11b          Any expenditure exceeding $1,000.00 other than regular and customary

operation expenses shall be referred to the membership for discussion and


Sec. 11c          The Executive Committee shall acknowledge and make recommendations

on all matters received.

Sec. 11d          The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the maintenance of the

Club and grounds and shall appoint an Executive Board member to be in

charge of overseeing Club projects. The Executive Committee shall be

responsible for the annual renewal of the Club’s liquor license.

Sec. 11e          This Committee will choose its chairman.




Sec. 1              The club shall have two (2) classes of membership; regular and life member,

beginning March 2006. All approved members’ annual dues will be determined by club policies.  Those eligible for life membership are exempt from dues. For the fiscal year 2006 all other than regular and life members will be changed to the status of regular membership for no additional cost.

Sec. 2              To be eligible for Life Membership, the member must have attained sixtyfive years of age and have been a dues paying regular member for ten (10) consecutive years preceding their 65th birthday.  Life members must attain the age of 65 prior to January 1st of the membership year to be eligible.

Sec. 3              To be eligible for regular active membership in this Club, the prospective

member must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and reside within the

United States. Additionally, five (5) regular members must sign this application

as sponsors.

Sec. 4              A fully completed application for membership, together with the initiation fee

and dues shall be given to any Executive Committee member prior to the monthly Executive Board Meeting. The applicant’s membership will be voted on at the next General Membership Meeting. A sponsor must be present at this meeting. Twenty-five percent (25%) “No” votes of the voting members at that meeting will constitute rejection. False, misleading, or incomplete information on the application is also grounds for rejection.

Sec. 5              Dues and initiations fees will be set by club policies.

Sec. 6              If the applicant is rejected, the applicant must wait five years to reapply.

Sec. 7              Any member violating house rules will be liable to suspension or

termination of membership, upon recommendation of the Executive

Committee and a majority vote at the next monthly Club meeting



Sec. 1              Unescorted visitors will not be allowed inside the Hillside Rod & Gun

Club.  Visitors must leave the club when the member that signed them in leaves the premises.  Visitors are not allowed to purchase alcohol or claim small games of chance.

Sec. 2              Visitors who meet the requirements for membership shall be allowed

inside the Club twice in a one year period as a guest. After this, they must apply for membership if they desire to return.  Sons and Daughters of members on active military duty are excluded from the twice in a one year period as a guest rule.

Sec. 3              The conduct of visitors is the responsibility of the member bringing them

on Club property.



Sec. 1              Three (3) members shall be elected annually to serve as auditors. Election

will take place concurrently with the election of offices.

Sec. 2              Auditors are responsible to audit the Club’s Financial records a minimum

of once per year.

Sec. 3              Auditors will count all votes at the meetings. In the event that one or more

of the auditors are not present at a meeting, the Executive Board shall

appoint replacement auditor(s) for the purpose of tallying votes.



Sec. 1              Any request pertaining to a change in the Club’s By-Laws must be

referred to the Executive Committee and bylaw committee for study.

After hearing the committee’s recommendation on the matter, the Club

will vote its preference at the following monthly meeting. A seventy-five

percent (75%) majority of those voting members in attendance at the

monthly meeting will be required to effect a change.

Sec. 2              The Club’s By-Laws can be changed only once during the year;

November will be the month for the By-Law review. In December the

Bylaw changes will be voted on and amended.

Sec. 3              Normal club operations and business shall be governed by club policies set forth within the guide lines of the club by-laws.

Sec. 4              Policies can be set in any given month.  Once a policy is voted on by the membership )accepted or rejected) the policy can not be brought up again for one year from date of enactment, unless the policy was enacted for a specified period.



Sec. 1              Club realty may not be disposed of without the approval of seventy-five

percent (75%) of the total existing membership.



Sec. 1              The Club will not discriminate against race, color or religion.


Sec. 1              All members will follow house rules posted throughout the facility and on

our website.  House rules will be governed by policies set forth within the guidelines of the club by-laws.






ARTICLE XII – Committees


Sec. 1              All committees formed within the organization will adhere to all bylaws

and club rules.

Sec. 2              Sporting committees such as Trap and Archery shall have a minimum of

Three (3) officers consisting of Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary. Each

sporting Committee shall be represented on the executive committee. If a

sporting team member is not elected to the executive committee, the

Chairman of that sporting team shall represent them at the Executive

Board meeting. Non-elected board members have no vote on board

decisions, but will act as the communication between the main

organization and sporting committee.

Sec. 3              All events other than normal practices shall be presented to the Executive

Committee. All event incomes including practices shall be reported

monthly to the Club treasurer. This must be done prior to or given at the

monthly membership meeting without fail.

Sec. 4              As per Article VI Sec. 9. The Club Treasurer name will be on all